Neighborhood Hike

Three weeks ago one of my best bros proposed to his girlfriend. Not only was I beyond stoked for him to have found her and how happy they are together, but I helped plan the day to make it seem like it was just a photoshoot for the two of them, you know to try and keep it a surprise. It definitely made it more special for me to be there for those reasons, but that was also my first true engagement shoot. SO yeah I was nervous to say the least because here I am trying to pl

New Things

Well it's a new year, so lets send it into 2018 by doing something new.  Everything starts from something and this is my first blog post, ever.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure where my direction or plan for this, but for some reason feel like I want to start sharing some words behind the smiles of the photos I take. As a photographer we know a photo can tell a story, but I've been finding recently that sometimes there's more behind the photo.  Why did I stop to take this pictur