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New Things

Well it's a new year, so lets send it into 2018 by doing something new.  Everything starts from something and this is my first blog post, ever.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure where my direction or plan for this, but for some reason feel like I want to start sharing some words behind the smiles of the photos I take.  

As a photographer we know a photo can tell a story, but I've been finding recently that sometimes there's more behind the photo.  Why did I stop to take this picture? Why did I chose this spot, this view, this setting, this angle, it goes on.  But what I want to try and express is why I slowed down, why I took that moment to stop everything else, take a minute to focus and snap the shutter.  I learned photography by shooting film in High School and ten years later realized something that made me smile back then can do that and so much more today. Three months ago I bought an old 35mm Pentax k1000 off Craigslist, because honestly, I just missed film, and quickly realized the process is so much more what life should be like. 

Life is so fast paced, it's crazy how much goes by without us even noticing.  I have been the biggest culprit of that pretty much my entire life, running around to practice, games, concerts, parties, friends houses, hiking, camping, skiing...whatever it was, I was just always on the go.  Recently I moved home, on a journey to find where I need to be and how to get there.  I have found that taking time to slow down, focus on myself, sit down and listen to what I have to say.  What do I want?  Where do I want to be?  What do I need to do to achieve that?  And most of all, how the hell do I move past the worries about whats going on in the meantime?

This blog, I hope, can become something of mine that shares a bit of the story behind my passion for photography, live, love happiness and the pursuit of the adventure that fulfills all of that.


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