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Rhianna and TJ's Wedding - Duxbury, MA

My first wedding in Massachusetts is in the books and the drive was well worth it for the beautiful day and fun times we had on the coastline! As with any wedding or photoshoot it's always nice to have the time to build a bit of rapport together because it can really make the day flow better. Luckily, Rhianna, TJ and I met through a mutual friend last year and it did not take long after talking one night over a beer at Bissel Brothers, before we were both in agreement and super excited to be working together! Sometimes those little connections are already in place, but it is always important to me to connect and simply have some fun together during the process. It's kind of what its all about, and it definitely helps take some of the stress away! The entire wedding day was taken on with an excited level of calmness that you could tell stemmed from their joy of each other and the strong connections with their families. I'm thankful for the opportunity to capture their amazing day and wish you two the best. Cheers!

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