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Senior Photo Sunday!

Last Sunday I ventured down to Old Orchard Beach to meet Gretchen and her family who were visiting on vacation to photograph her daughters Senior portraits mixed together with family portraits as well and man did we catch a nice evening in the sand! We started out walking around getting a feel for the smiles and sun, turns out Jaycee was a natural with her posing and working with my cues which was so awesome! After chatting with the family and capturing the moments along the way I discovered that their grandparents use to live right near me growing up. I know it's small, but it's pretty interesting how such little connections can be found along the way and that's one of the biggest reasons why I love photographing, you never know what story will come up! Everyone has a story and a different path, but sometimes (and apparently often here in Maine) we cross paths with someone that we share a connection with and those connections help ground us by being a subtle reminder we are on the right path too.

Goodluck to you Jaycee in your senior year and thank you to Gretchen and the family for a great evening working together to photograph memories for you. Cheers!

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